11 thoughts on “Introducing Weekly Q&A”

  1. Who do you ultimately see making the team for the USA in World Cup 2010?

    What is your take on USL billboards that circled the field in Barbados Saturday?

  2. The US has a growing soccer fan base but they tend to be, I won’t say uninformed, but less learned in soccer than other sports, and very reactionary. Do you think the fanbase will mature, or will this be a common problem that leads to kind of an England-junior type fanbase that is perpetually disappointed and disgruntled?

    Also, how much do you think this may hold back the game in the US going forward?

  3. You’ve had a pretty good track record of picking guys either in MLS you’d like to see on the national team like John Thorrington or vets out of the mix like Eddie Lewis. I give you credit for being the only person in the country a year ago on your old show advocating Eddie Lewis’ return to the fold.

    I ask you then, who in MLS right now is off the radar and you’d give a look in an upcoming friendly? Same for veterans. Is anyone out there we need to call up again who has been forgotten?

  4. Can Eddie Johnson’s continued inclusion in the national team be in any way justified? Why does he keep getting called in?

  5. Why is Bob Bradley so married to the 4-4-2? For all the criticisms of Bruce Arena, it seems he understood flexible tactics based on his personnel. We rarely if ever played a 4-4-2 under Arena. He liked the 3-5-2 but also used the 4-1-2-1-2, the 4-5-1 and at times a 3-2-3-2. Bradley on the other hand has a system and tries to fit the players into it unlike Arena.

  6. Wonderful idea here Kartik.

    My question is this, assuming that soccer in the US has “lifted off” to take a phrase from the space program, will the American fans continued to be focused on foreign soccer, ie: EPL, Champions League, Mexican League, or will the American fan focus on the MLS, the Open Cup, and USMNT , for our main soccer fare?

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