US Lineup vs Barbados

Kljestan-Bradley-Szetela-Lewis (c)

Eddie Lewis captains the team. Danny Szetela gets his first start for the National Team.

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One thought on “US Lineup vs Barbados”

  1. If we were in Mexico’s group for the next round we’d be in big trouble. As it is, we’ll probably crap together enough results to get to the hex.

    A couple of troubling things here. Freddy backpassed and squarepassed so many times, I was having Armas flashbacks. Maybe he didn’t want to take guys on for fear of getting hurt (or because no one was there to pass it to), but that was bad to see. The Fred should attack.

    Also, it looked like the only thing we knew how to do moving forward was little triangles and then hit the overlapping wingers, who then tried to cross it to… Who? Who? If we were going to play that way we might as well put Gooch in as an F@#%ing target forward (or Brek Friggin’ Shea). We would’ve scored more.

    But hands up everyone who wanted to play cross-and-crash with a 4-6-0 and no one over 5’8″ in the box…

    How many shots did we take outside the box? Two? Why did all our players feel the need to take three, four touches on the ball every time before making a ten yard pass. Can our guys not switch fields? Can we not hit runners in stride?

    The sad thing is, many of these guys look so much better with their club teams — everyone from Sacha to M. Bradley to Beasley. What it comes down to is mentality. They didn’t call him Bunker Bob when he was with the Metro for nothing.

    We are in steady decline, even as we seem to have more talented players than ever. Something must be done.

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