Nolberto Solano Loses His Mind

Footballers can do stupid things sometimes. Former West Ham, Newcastle and Aston Villa midfielder Nolberto Solano — who is currently without a club after being released by the Hammers — was pictured this week on the cover of the most-read Peruvian sports daily in the build-up to their match against Uruguay.

Solano is pictured pointing a gun at the Uruguay shirt. The picture didn’t help bolster Peru’s chances. Solano’s team lost 6-0 to Uruguay with former Manchester United striker Diego Forlan scoring a hat-trick.


12 thoughts on “Nolberto Solano Loses His Mind”

  1. Its not a professnial way….but i hope his intention was just only for fun. coz he had never shown things like this in the past.

  2. wor nobby who is a geordie by the way, adopted i might add, he would not do such a thing in any malace something must have been asked of him, as someone has said, a gimic

  3. There's a fella holding the shirt up in the picture (you can see his hands and legs).

    I wonder if he was bricking it, what with a gun pointed to his chest and all.

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