New 08/09 Manchester United Away Shirt Photos

After plenty of rumors during the past few months, official photographs of Manchester United’s new away shirt for the 2008/2009 season have been released. Modeling the new kit were Rio Ferdinand, Patrice Evra and Carlos Tevez.





The Sun newspaper also has video from the launch of the new away kit.

Share your thoughts regarding what you think of the new shirt by clicking the comments link below.

12 thoughts on “New 08/09 Manchester United Away Shirt Photos”

  1. It looks very nioce. As previous, the ony thing I do not like is the large size of AIG. United may not have control over this but if they do then they should bring it to 2/3 of the size

  2. the shirt in these pictures looked very boring to me but after watching the video and seeing how vivid the blue color actually is im more excited. i think having the blue shorts and blue name/number printing will be very classy. the black shirt is one of my favorites from recent years but time moves on. now the yearly question….who to get on the back!?

  3. why does everyone forget that red white and blue are the colors for quite a few other countries…including two of the players pictured above.

  4. this is a very horrible shrit i think this is very boring and there are so many rooms for improvement needs to get better

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