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shoot-magazine.gifOver the next few days, expect to read a multitude of odes written by bloggers from the UK regarding the demise of Shoot Magazine, the popular British football publication which owner IPC announced it would be shutting it down at the end of this month.Shoot! was a hugely popular weekly football magazine aimed at children. Launched in 1969, the magazine featured plenty of pull-out posters and was a huge hit in the 1970’s and 1980’s.Without a doubt, it’s lasting contribution to football wasn’t the magazine itself but was the infamous league ladders that were shrinkwrapped inside the summer editions in preparation for each new season of English football. The league ladders were a masterful marketing idea by Shoot. You had to purchase all of the summer issues to ensure you’d receive the blank league ladders table as well as all of the team names that had to be perforated and inserted into the tables.The concept was that you would use the league ladders throughout the season and update it as each week’s matches concluded. For all of the years I collected the league ladders, I never once made it past October. Even for a little teenager like myself at the time, it was too tedious. But every summer, I still looked forward in anticipation of getting the new league ladders.In the late 1970’s after I was first introduced to Shoot Magazine, I always looked forward to the weekday morning when the latest issue would arrive at my local newsagent. I would scour every page, rip out the posters of my favorite teams and would tape them to my bedroom wall, much to the chagrin of my mother.shoot-football-ladders2.jpgHowever in the early 80s, I changed my allegiances from Shoot to a new magazine that was published in the UK named Match Weekly. Match featured detailed statistics in a pull-out section which was something completely new at the time. The publication took what Shoot did well but improved upon it. The irony is that Match is still around and doing well in the UK, while Shoot has now met its demise.Please share your memories of Shoot Magazine by clicking the comments link below.

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  1. Those league ladders were the best. Watching Final Score Saturday afternoon and trying to catch everything so you could update your ladder as soon as possible. I haven’t read Shoot in 20+ years (getting old now) so I’m not sure I’ll miss it (would love to find some old copies of Roy of the Rovers though…mom threw all mine out years ago).

    One thing though, modern versions of the league ladders can be found here. They are spreadsheets which are really just 21st century versions of the league ladders but for big kids. :)

  2. I would say that the You Are The Ref feature was terrific and an iconic image of the times as were the weekly ‘signed columns by George Best, Kevin Keegan and others…

  3. Hola, am argentinien, I would like to know if I could find contact with an old friend of mine called Chris Davies, I know he was a journalist of the magazine SHOOT almost 27 or 28 years ago, we were great friends but we lost contact since many years ago, we stopped our connection after the Malvinas/Falklands war. If you could get me his e-mail address I will really appreciate it too much, muchas gracias !!!!!!! from Buenos Aires.

  4. I am writing in memory of my former room-mate, the late Mohamad Sofian Bin Yusof who was a great (you can say, ‘fanatic/obsessed’) fan of the soccer magazine-SHOOT. We were both high school students at Terengganu Science Secondary School at Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia from 1976 to 1980. While we never study in the same class, we were in the same dormitory in the Second Year (1977) and the Third Year (1978).

    Mohamad Sofian’s interest in the SHOOT magazine was so great that he made sure he would not miss a single weekly edition. Through it, his knowledge about English soccer was so deep and extensive that it would put many Briton or Englishmen to shame. Unlike many who would only limit their interest to the respective team they supported or confined to established teams in the top division, Sofian’s knowledge even reached to those about the other teams in the lowest divisions as well. Friends and relatives who used to study in England told me that, with such knowledge, Sofian could have easily won a famous, big-prize Football Quiz TV Program in UK if he participated.

    I have one particular fond and amusing memory of the man. As full-time school boarders then, we were allowed to go out of the school campus to town only twice a month. When Sofian had used up his quota, he would start to find people to buy the SHOOT magazine for him. Knowing this, we would intentionally and playfully hide ourselves just to give him a short ‘fright’ before giving ourselves up.

    After the Fifth Year Examination (SPM-Malaysian Certificate Of Education) in 1980, we parted. I never met the man again after i went back to my home-state Sarawak. I furthered my studies in a local university. While there, i learned through our mutual friends that Sofian had died at a young age after succumbing to cancer.

    I was looking for the Shoot Official Web-Site to relate my acquaintance with the unique and remarkable man. To my shock, horror and despair, I have just now learnt that the SHOOT magazine had also closed down and no longer in publication. Why?? Some kind and caring individual(s) could have muster all efforts to salvage it then. What about REVIVING it now? Because it is rich in traditions and history which should be allowed to live on and on. It meant so much to a loyal reader like Sofian and probably many others like him, too. I am pretty sure that, if Sofian were still alive today, he would be very, very sad. Thank you.

    To the former publisher of the SHOOT magazine (anybody can relay to them?), if you care to express your appreciation of my late friend’s support and readership, you can also contact me through my personal cell phone number : 60-16-8734909. Hussain-Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

  5. Shoot mag out and gone.What a pity. Back in the 70’s and 80’s Malaysians probably know about English football quite as much as any English kids thru magazines such as Tiger,Shoot amd Goal.Shoot is my favourite esp because of the good quality centre spread pics of teams which will then adorn my room or into my scrapbook.Back then we see the actual games only once a week on TV in Star Soccer but names like Charlie George,Peter Lorimer,Eddie Gray,Emlyn Hughes,Steve Highway,Alan Hudson,Malcolm McDonald, and later Gordon Hill,Kevin Keegan,Ian Rush or my fav Liam Brady are names more known to us than the Prime Minister of Britain.I regret to hv lost
    my scrapbook.RGDS.

  6. Greetings..
    Back in the 70’s, Shoot was my must buy magazine every week, much to the annoyance of my parents. As an average Malaysian kid growing was indeed well beyond my $ allowance. I got to know about so many of my football heroes thru Shoot…Gerry Francis..Keegan..Gordon Hill etc. Even memorable was when Gordon Hill mentioned one of our local heroes, the late Mokhtar Dahari in his column after the England B tour in 1978. Our national team drew with England B ( 1-1 )..and Mokhtar scored a wonderful goal. Sad to know that Shoot is no longer around. RGDS from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  7. My son was photographed in Shoot Magazine with Ian Rush and Steve Nicole in 1991/1992
    would anybody have a copy of the magazines from these years please.

  8. Hey. Minimum and maximum amount a player in the Malaysian Super League soccer What is I’ll be a while in Malaysia and I love playing there. Thank you

  9. hi i was in a shoot mag with some off my school mates in 1992 or 93 it was benjimain gott high school and they came out andwe had to do speed shoots any chance anyone knows of a copie thanks

  10. I am a SHOOT mag fan since ’76 where I got my first copy with Alan Ball playing for Stoke City.. I still keep all copies of SHOOT in pristine condition and my last copy was probably in the mid 90’s, i guess. I also keep “ROY OF THE ROVERS” football comics which I only miss 1 copy. English football was my craze at that time and managed to have jerseys in the 70’s & 80’s.

    For the past few years, I patronised TIMES book store and asked for SHOOT annuals but the reply was always “not arrived yet” which in fact now I know they have cerased production.

    I hope SHOOT will be revived and believe many fans out there will support this mag again.

  11. Hi, I run, est 1999 we make our aim to stock as many high quality football magazines as we can. Currently have over 2,000 on the site all checked for missing pages, rips and rust etc. This is important as you could buy for one article or picture of your team and find it’s been ripped out.

    We have a new design for the site in the new year and will be adding full sets of both Shoot and Goal football magazine. We will also be adding rare video with a convert option to dvd.

    If you visit and go on to order, feel free to then email me with the link to this page and I’ll refund 10% of your order.


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