The Daily Telegraph Goes Back To The Future


What’s wrong with this picture above? Either The Daily Telegraph has a magic crystal ball where they can predict what’s going to happen at Euro 20008 or maybe reporter Jeremy Wilson had a few drinks too many in Zurich?


6 thoughts on “The Daily Telegraph Goes Back To The Future”

  1. I don't get it...what is wrong with the picture? France and Italy are hoping Holland knock Romania out of contention by beating them, is that predicting the future?

  2. I'm confused too...

    The only thing I can think is that maybe he's referring to a grammatical error. Does the "their" technically refer to Holland and not France/Italy? Maybe that's what he's talking about...? That still doesn't really make sense, though.

  3. euro champs *would* fall in 20008, for what it's worth. and i don't think continental drift would be an issue quite so soon...


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