Euro 2008 Coverage By Sky Sports Is Pathetic

through-the-night.gifRight now, football fans throughout Europe and around the world are riveted to Euro 2008. But if you’ve watched “Through The Night” the past few days, you’ll have noticed that Sky Sports has led with different stories and relegated Euro 2008 news to the second or third stories of the night.

While Sky Sports doesn’t own the license rights to show Euro 2008 matches in England (rivals BBC and ITV are showing the matches instead), Sky Sports still owes its viewers unbiased news coverage.

Sure, Sky Sports is unable to even show highlights of the goals from the Euro 2008 matches, but their level of reporting is amateurish. Sky Sports should have reporters either at the grounds or in the fan zones in Switzerland and Austria. They could have recorded live or taped segments to bring “Through The Night” viewers a unique angle on the stories, but instead they get nothing other than the scoreline and a few seconds of Turkish fans jumping for joy in the Geneva fan zone.

Unfortunately this is nothing new from Sky Sports. During September 2006, BBC’s Panorama program revealed the bung scandals in English football. While it was the biggest football story in quite some time, “Through The Night” ignored the story and when Sky Sports did report about the news in their program, it was usually a short segment about midway through their show.

It’s obvious that Sky Sports and BBC are very competitive with their sports news coverage, but Sky Sports is acting like a spoiled brat. Instead of raising its standards and giving viewers the service they should receive, Sky Sports reveals itself as a poor sport yet again.


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