NBA's Kevin Garnett Is A Chelsea Fan


Kevin Garnett of the Boston Celtics basketball team is a massive Chelsea fan. Garnett is pictured above (and see video below) wearing a Chelsea shirt before a recent NBA game.

According to the Chelsea web site, Garnett and teammate Paul Pierce are both fans. The NBA players both became fans after Chelsea’s preseason tour last summer to the United States.

This is another sign of the growth of the Premier League in the United States. The league is slowly gaining more of a mainstream profile in this country. Last year, a league match featuring Manchester United was written into the script for the hit HBO series, Entourage.

Here’s a video of Garnett accepting the jersey from Chelsea:


7 thoughts on “NBA's Kevin Garnett Is A Chelsea Fan”

  1. It’s easy to be a front runner.

    Personally Barack Obama rooting for West Ham is to me much more impressive than someone choosing Chelsea, Man U, or Barcelona.

  2. Kobe is a fan. So is Chad Johnson. Plenty of American athletes grew up playing the sport but never had a future in it because of the lack of infrastructure in this country. Can you imagine if guys with the freakish athletic ability of KG, Kobe or Chad Johnson played football?

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