Arsenal Fans Say It With Flowers


Many of us have been in love with our football teams longer than our relationships with our partners. Family members come and go while football teams always stay with us. But when a loved one departs, what better way to pay tribute than to send flowers? And for a massive football fan who dies, why not send football flowers to their funeral?

The above photograph is an example of the fine work of Ray’s Florist from Hampshire, England. The entire work is made of flowers.

3 thoughts on “Arsenal Fans Say It With Flowers”

  1. its really hard to like the new arsenal kit. nike likes to f*ck with tradition. first we get those gold kits, then we get the white kit that had us resembling spuds and now we lose the white sleeves all together. manure got the racing stripes this year. lets see what manure get this year. they could get light blue kits with white shorts or they could get white sleeves on a red shirt with a gold cannon. we still have to support the squad though and the team needs money. i might buy the shirt just to pledge my support. i hope the third kit is a bit better.

    hahahahah to the billion dollar debts of chelski and manure. it shows how arsenal’s policy is working and wenger is a genius.

  2. Hmm… A little tasteless to be flogging funeral wreaths on a blog.

    Where there’s muck there’s brass, I suppose.

    Incidentally, aren’t the nike logo and Arsenal crest copyright?

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