Euro 2008 Fantasy Football League Table

euro-2008-fantasy-football.jpgOut of the 76 teams playing in EPL Talk’s private version of the Euro 2008 Fantasy Football League competition, here are the top 10 managers as of this morning:

  1. Riverdale FC, James Dutra, 95 points
  2. Rafa’s Redmen, David James, 89 points
  3. SPAOTP FC, Chris Oakley, 87 points
  4. KambeNFC, Blawak Rakus, 86 points
  5. Indian Devils, Sujayjumar Bedekar, 86 pints
  6. The Estadio, Reynna Badiuz, 84 points
  7. Water Diy, Sean Nason, 81 points
  8. Walker’s Old Boys, Kevin Walker, 81 points
  9. Portugal #1, Pedro Da Cunha, 80 points
  10. Winning 11, Leonard Vitarana, 80 points

If you haven’t joined the league yet, it’s not too late. Read this article to learn more. The winner of the competition will win a replica shirt of a Euro 2008 team of his or her choice!

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