Scolari Named New Chelsea Manager

Chelsea have just announced the Luis Felipe Scolari has been named as the new Chelsea manager as of July 1st. Scolari will be out of contract with the Portuguese FA on June 30th.Speculation had been rife that Scolari would take over for the last 3 weeks and this announcement doesn’t come as too much of a surprise, but the timing certainly does. Portugal look set to be in the Quarter Finals of Euro 2008 and this news may be the inspirstion that drives Portugal to the title.This is a major coup for the Blues but it remains to be seen how quickly Scolari can familiarise himself with the Premier League before the new season starts on August 16th. How do you think he will cope and can he bring his magic touch to Stamford Bridge?

5 thoughts on “Scolari Named New Chelsea Manager”

  1. Scolari is a baller. He definitely brings a personality to the EPL. It will be great watching him deal with the English press. Now, not only do i want Portugal to win but i’m like 85% sure that C. Ronaldo is going to leave United for Mardid. Scolari and the rest of the Portuguese contingent are going to pressure him to leave. Carvalho and the Chelsea boys want him to leave, Pepe wants him to join Madrid, Nani wants him to leave so he can get more playing time.

  2. Wow. You just made some fantastic points. I really hope Ronaldo does leave, and honestly other than Rijjkard, he was the man I wanted. Champions League ’09 is ours, after we knock out Jose’s Inter in the semi’s and beat Man Utd 3-0. :p

  3. i think we all know ronaldo will leave at some point maybe not immediatley but i cant see him playing more than another season at Man United.

    I really thought chelsea would have gone for Rijkaard as number one choice, Abramovich and Kenyan have been striving constansly for some time now to rid chelsea of their ‘boring to watch and play dirty’ image.

    The ‘total football’ philosophy that Rijkaard instilled at barca is exactly what Chelsea have been after. Good to luck to scholari though, i wanted him as england boss until the UK press extinguished his interest

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