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Euro 2008 Group D Match predictions

So after getting both results spot on yesterday (I must have typed Italy when I really meant Holland!! Haha!), today gives us another great clash to look forward to with Spain’s first game of Euro 2008.  44253961 xavi2 afp300 Euro 2008 Group D Match predictionsThe perennial underachievers will be looking for their first trophy in 44 years, since winning Euro 64 and are a lot of peoples favourites to win the title. In Xavi Hernandez, they have the most under-rated midfielder in Europe and he will be key for setting the pace of the game today and creating chances for Torres.Spain have never won a European Championship game by more than one goal and I think that they’ll beat Russia today 2-1. The Russians are without their main man in Andre Ashavin, who is suspended for the first two games of these finals but look out for Pavlyuchenko up front, who scored both goals against England last October. This is going to be tough for the Russians but they’ll know they have two winnable games coming up.The second game tonight is Sweden v Greece and this could be the crucial game in the group with both sides looking to take 3 points. 41750374 ibrahimovic300 Euro 2008 Group D Match predictionsThis game has got draw written all over it but no-one gave the Greeks a cat in hells chance of winning any points last time, never mind the whole tournament so it’ll probably end up 7-4 to Greece.  In Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Sweden have one of the most explosive players in the world and he could be crucial tonight even with a swollen knee as will the Greek captain Angelos Basinas who’s drive and maturity lend a calm authority to Greece. This could be a tough tactical battle but both sides know that tougher opposition await. I’m going for a 1-1 draw in this game.

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4 Responses to Euro 2008 Group D Match predictions

  1. Michael says:

    Getting yesterday’s results spot-on?? You picked Romania to win either 2-1 or 3-2, which implied an exciting game, and it ended 0-0, and you picked Italy to beat Holland 2-0 (although you sort of did admit to that at the top of this post).

  2. Dave M says:

    I think Paul was being facetious when he claimed to have gotten yesterday’s match predictions spot-on (not just the Italy / Holland mix-up – but the day in its entirety).

    I was thrilled by the Holland result (I *hate* the Italians – what a bunch of cheats, divers, and thugs), but you have to admit it was a surprise to see them get beaten so thoroughly.

    Hopefully the French will be more exciting to watch once they get a few players back in the squad (Henry… Viera…), but they certainly picked the wrong game to lay an egg in. It will only get tougher in that group for them.

  3. serena says:

    who is playing i group d

  4. Paul Bestall says:

    Hey I hold my hands up, I got both games completely wrong! Got to laugh at myself because everyone else will, the joy of sarcasm! At least we had another two excellent games tonight.

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