ESPN Fútbol Channel?

A few years ago there were rumors milling in Bristol, CT about the possibility of ESPN trying to buy Gol TV. That rumor evaporated alongside the Dave O’Brien experiment.

With the Worldwide Leader in Sports trying to justify that self-proclaimation, this is news is starting to pick up steam as the feedback they received from their coverage of Euro 2008. Although it is still in the beginning stages, the network is doing a quick about-face as far as shutting down ESPN Classic later on this summer. According to sources, there are talks to switch the network to full out coverage of the Beautiful Game.

Although plans are still vague, some of the considerations range from expanding on their UEFA Champions League Coverage, as well as MLS, and other international events such as the European Championships and of course, the World Cup. The channel would be molded more towards that of ESPN Classic in Europe or for fans state side- more like Fox Soccer Channel and Gol TV.  The main function of this channel is to compliment the other channels’ (ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Deportes, and ESPN 360) coverage of the game and further expand on the rights battles in the United States for events like World Cup Qualifiers, and many of the top leagues in the world.  There should be a final announcement expected in the next 30 days.

Stay tuned, football fans as the summer can only get hotter.


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