Video Highlights of Pepe's Goal For Portugal Against Turkey

Real Madrid defender Pepe scored his first goal for Portugal today in their game against Turkey. While the goal was impressive, the interplay between Pepe and captain Nuno Gomes was exceptional. There are few aspects of soccer that are a better example of teamwork than a well executed one-two. Watch this perfect example:


3 thoughts on “Video Highlights of Pepe's Goal For Portugal Against Turkey”

  1. Gaff,dont want to be a stickler for details, but Pepe is a central defender for Real, not a striker..

  2. Sanjay,

    Good catch. I've made the edit in the article. With a strike like that, maybe he should change to being a striker? ; )

    The Gaffer

  3. he got lucky. the strike wasn't that great. but him being brazilian i wouldn't be surprised if he could play anywhere on the pitch.


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