Euro 2008 Group A Match Predictions


So this afternoon sees the opening two matches in Euro 2008 and it will one of the co-hosts, Switzerland will open proceedings for us against the Czech Republic in Basel. 

Whilst I appreciate that no host nation has failed to qualify from a group in championship history, I feel that Switzerland are easily the weakest side in Group A. I cannot see them holding the Czech Republic at bay today and I think the Czechs will win 3-1. Karel Bruckner is a wily coach and he’ll have plenty of tricks up his sleeve to lead his team to victory today. Baros and Koller should have too much for the Swiss backline to handle and should drive the Czechs forward to victory.

The second game this evening in Geneva is a tantalising clash of two spiky teams and could quite easily see a 22 man brawl kick off at any moment. Portugal, on paper, are a great side but they’ve not gone the extra mile when they looked like they could win. The occasion seemed to get to them when they got to the final in Euro 2004 but they’ve got plenty of talent and experience to deal the Turkish this evening.

Turkey finished behind Greece in qualifying and are a long way from the side that got to the semi-finals of the 2002 World Cup. In Hatim Altintop, they’ve a powerful striker of the ball but they lack overall quality to trouble the Portuguese. This one I think will be 2-0 to Portugal but it could be more about counting the bookings and sending offs than the goals.

So after the first games, I think wins for both the Czech Republic and Portugal and hopefully two great games.

13 thoughts on “Euro 2008 Group A Match Predictions”

  1. The Czech’s are going to score 3 goals against a team that didn’t give up a single goal in the WC…and without Rosicky? Are you for real bro?

  2. Switzerland will feel harshly done by in this game..two legitimate shouts for penalties and a shot off the crossbar. They were the better team in this game and deserved more.

    The Czech Republic generated very little going forward and their only goal came off a mishit from a sub.

    Still, the only thing that matters is the result, and the Czechs put themselves in a good position with their victory today.

  3. Just watched Switzerland v Czech Republic on TV at Newark Airport (thank goodness for the Samuel Adams bar). Poor 1st half; 2nd much better.

    I agree that Switzerland deserved a draw especially after having two appeals for a penalty denied. Not sure how the ref missed those handball incidents!

    The Gaffer

  4. julie foudy = the worst ever.
    she’s a fucking twat. no idea what she’s saying, and if she says something it’s the obvious.
    i hate her.
    extremely poor choice for ESPN.
    I’ll do it for free.

  5. Didn’t take long for Foudy to lose credibility with me today. Within the first few minutes of her appearance behind the desk at ESPN, she said that the player to watch out for in this tournament is Thierry Henry.

    She may prove me wrong, but Henry is nowhere near the best that he was a few years ago. I don’t envision Henry making much of an impression this tournament.

    The Gaffer

  6. No chance. Domenech is in bed with Henry…he will never be benched with Domenech at the helm.

  7. True. That’s part of why Domenech is so unpopular in France right now. That and two losses to Scotland and two draws with Israel in the last WC qualifying.

  8. I dinted think that the Swis had the inspration today. But after todays performance… My prdiction is that Swis will finsh last in group A. With no inspration in the front line.(With Frie gone)Iv alone got a huge qustion mark over the Chez. They had a weak game today.Koller did not play to his full poteantial and without Rosicky they are lacking in the Midfield slighty.(I agree with you Brain)

  9. It’s not a question of resepct but facts, The Swiss were dreadful in the last World Cup and how they got through I will never know. A poor Czech side beat them, as will Turkey and Portugal. I have to say though that the Swiss deserved a draw but simply couldn’t finish. The Czechs will be delighted to know that they were poor and still got through. A draw against Turkey at the least will see them join Portugal.

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