Who's Mad Enough To Become Chelsea's Next Manager?

chelsea-manager-bingo.gifHave you ever worked for one of those bosses who is almost impossible to please no matter how hard you try? You work, work, work and the ogre still isn’t satisfied. If so, you have an inkling of how it must have felt for Jose Mourinho or Avram Grant managing Chelsea and failing to impress Roman Abramovich.

So it comes as no surprise that there are few managers knocking on the door at Stamford Bridge especially after the way Grant was harshly treated. AC Milan manager Carlo Ancelotti dismissed the opportunity. Mark Hughes, rumored to have been on Chelsea’s short-list, joined Manchester City, while Roma manager Luciano Spalletti has said no.

That leaves a list rumored to contain Rijkaard, Scolari, Mancini, Laudrup and Christ.

I’m joking about the last contender but it does make you wonder if any manager can live up to the expectations of the Russian owner. The pressure is so intense than even a reported salary of £7 million a year can’t convince a manager to take the job.

Really, is it any surprise that Grant was so dour during his reign and is there any manager who can exceed what Jose Mourinho accomplished? And, oh yeah, can they do it with the panache that Man United did it with this season that Chelsea so wants to imitate?

If a couple more high profile managers refuse the Chelsea management job, Peter Kenyon and Abramovich risk turning their club into a laughing stock. Heck, even Chelsea Pies is beginning the lampoon the hunt for the next Chelsea manager.

If you were Peter Kenyon or Roman Abramovich, who would you approach to be manager of Chelsea and why? Please share your thoughts below.


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