It's Official (Finally): Setanta Sports USA Launching On Verizon FiOS In July

setanta-sports.jpegIt has been a long test of patience for EPL fans in America and Setanta to see if the sports channel would finally make the jump to cable. Today, the wait has finally come to an end.

Verizon and Setanta have confirmed that Setanta Sports USA will be added to Verizon’s fiber optic cable system beginning next month in some areas, and will be available in the following months to all FiOS areas. Just like on DirecTV or Dish Network (or IPTV providers Gek TV or NexTV), the channel will cost $14.99 a month to FiOS subscribers.

Verizon told Multichannel News that at launch, it will be the only cable system to offer the channel. This would mean that Setanta’s other rumored cable deal with RCN would not start at the same time. FiOS is currently available in 13 states, and had 1.2 million subscribers as of March 2008. There is no word at this time about whether or not Verizon will offer Setanta’s overflow channel Setanta Xtra, which is currently only on DirecTV.

5 thoughts on “It's Official (Finally): Setanta Sports USA Launching On Verizon FiOS In July”

  1. That is fantastic news for many people. I personally know three people who have cable through Verizon and would jump on the opportunity to subscribe to Setanta!

  2. It’s great news for Verizon FIOS customers but that’s about it. Unfortunately Verizon’s service isn’t available in most areas of the country. A call to their customer service line says they have no idea when it’ll be added to my area, for example.

    Still, every little bit counts, but we’re still waiting for the big one — having Setanta added to the cable heavyweights Comcast and Time Warner.

    The Gaffer

  3. They don’t offer it in my area, either. However, this is a step in the right direction. I’m sure Comcast is keeping tabs on it…maybe I’ll give ’em another call to request Setanta again…

  4. Well thats nice but as the Gaffer points out it’s not a cable heavyweight. The real news will come in the 09/10 season when we find if ESPN gets in the act if by that time Setanta is not owned by ESPN. Watch the #’s carefully for Euro 08 on ESPN. The future of soccer TV in America is partly on the line. No pun intended.

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