MLS Power Rankings

1- New England

Coming from a two goal deficit late to salvage a draw shows the character of a winner.

2- Chicago

A week off and a week to focus on the possibility of brining in Brian McBride. But do you really want to upset the chemistry of this side right now?

3- Toronto FC

TFC was missing arguably its three most important players and yet they still were able to handle the Galaxy, who of course were without David Beckham and Landon Donovan

4- Houston

The Dynamo don’t wear the Scudetto on their jersey for no reason.

5- Chivas USA

Is any team more exciting to watch than Chivas the past few weeks. Jorge Flores, the original Sueno MLS winner has to be considered for the national team pool.

6- Colorado

Tam MacManus had never been to the US when he met up with the Rapids during training camp in London a few months back. It seems he had little adjustment period necessary to feel very comfortable and become the game changing striker the Rapids needed.

7- LA Galaxy

The Galaxy are in this position more out of default than anything. Is the East really that much better than the West? It doesn’t appear so.

8- NY Red Bulls

This club always gives their opponent a game regardless of how out matched they are.

9- Columbus

300 or so scoreless minutes. Robbie Rogers and Eddie Gaven are beginning to once again show us why we had no confidence in them for the longest time.

10- Real Salt Lake

RSL still doesn’t look as good as they should given the talent level. But their home form is keeping them alive.

11- Kansas City

This side simply isn’t athletic or talented enough to keep pace with the league.

12- San Jose

Last in the table and without Kei Kamara and Ivan Guerrero for a while thanks to MLS scheduling policies. But the Quakes to me still are far from the worst team in the league. Let’s just say they pass the eye test that others fail.

13- FC Dallas

This club is a mess as evidenced not only by the play on the pitch but the apparent bumbling of a coaching search.

14- DC United

Coughing up a two goal lead late and then playing for a draw is the sign of a team with a losing mentality. Quite shocking from MLS’ signature franchise.

3 thoughts on “MLS Power Rankings”

  1. I can’t understand how you continue to rate New England above the Fire. New England is a very good squad and a great coach but how can you make an argument that they’re better than the fire right now? Head to Head Chicago is winning 7-0, they have a +/- of 13, 13! New England has a 1 point lead with two extra games played. Power Rankings are about who are playing the best right now and that is undoubtedly the fire. We’ll see how the rest of the season plays out, but if the MLS Cup were played today Chicago would be the favorite by far.

  2. I am outraged. This is a clear example of the coastal elitism of the CSRN staff. Well said schwerve! New England has been blown up by the Fire in head to head match ups. That is the tie breaker.

    How can you complain that Brain McBride wants to play in Chicago. Maybe because he isn’t going to DC who you will do anything you can to save from going down the tubes. The success of the Fire from their very first year has been resented by the soccer elite in this country. They are a team that reflect the ethnic roots of the Windy City, with C. Blanco as the present best example. While other clubs have appealed to the upper middle class, suburban fan, the Fire has remained true to the working class that makes up the heart of the Windy City. Even it’s present stadium Toyota Park is not in a trendy suburb or city section but in a industrial park.

    Kartik, despite the insult of this ranking, I would still gladly have you as my guest for dinner and a Fire game. Are you coming for the Everton match?

  3. Look folks you can rank NE or CHI either #1 or #2. But head to head results are less important in this sport than any other, and right now the Revs who have been to 3 straight MLS Cup finals are my #1 because the core of their team has been together and successful for so long.

    Chicago is playing well and brining in McBride isn’t without risk. Toronto may want Barrett, Rolfe, Thorrington or any combination of the above. When things are clicking so well why mess with it? Sure the upside of McBride is tremendous and he’d be back home but without a doubt his injury woes which go back over ten years are a concern. I’m not saying I wouldn’t take him but I am saying the Fire better think about before simply doing it. Columbus on the other hand have no choice but to mortgage everything on getting him.

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