Eriksson sacked by Shinawatra

In a move that has surprised no-one, Manchester City chairman Thaksin Shinawatra has sacked Sven Goran Eriksson. The only thing that has surprised everyone is how long this crazy situation has dragged on for. In my honest opinion, it is a disgrace, one based purely on ego and delusion on the part of the owner’s opinion on where he feels Manchester City should be this season. Eriksson came in with 4 weeks of the preseason to go, signed ten players on video evidence and took City to their best Premier League finish in 13 years. They beat Manchester United home and away, and qualified for the UEFA Cup, only City’s second European campaign in 30 years. All the City fans I know have been delighted with this season and wanted Eriksson to stay.

Shinawatra had been making noises regarding this decision since March and it is safe to say that the majority of Manchester City fans will be very disappointed. Fair enough the season fizzled out, but the players and staff all knew that nothing would save Erikssons job and to that end I believe several players will move on too due how ruthless the owner has been with Sven. The Middlesbrough game was a case in point, with a lack lustre performance from a team that probably had no idea if they’d see each other or their manager again in the blue of Manchester. So now both Chelsea and Manchester City are scouting for managers, with a similar list of candidates and similar funds available, two high pressure jobs with volatile owners not known for patience and desperate to sign up the top managerial talent. Looks like it’s going to be another interesting summer in the Premiership!

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