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  1. Couldn’t help noticing that several of your cap numbers and some of your goal numbers are off on that list. For example, Tim Howard now has 29 caps, and Carlos Bocanegra has 56 caps and 9 goals.

  2. The following should no longer get called up until they’ve done something to merit a call up.

    Ramiro Corrales
    Cory Gibbs
    Bobby Convey
    Brad Davis
    Pat Noonan
    Eddie Gaven
    Eddie Johnson
    Josh Wolff
    Taylor Twellman
    Brian Ching
    Nate Jaqua

    Wow, half of the pool of our forwards are just not good enough for NT duty.

    I honestly believe that we need Cory Gibbs on the National team, even though I have him listed. He is just to prone to injuries and doesn’t have club to play on currently.

  3. Thanks, megs. Do you know anyplace with updated cap numbers? I’ll admit I was doing it off of memory and a few others may be one or two caps off.

  4. I have info on all the players who’ve seen field time in 08, but that’s because I’m a stat geek in my time off from grad school and have scoured the internet and compiled a spreadsheet using several different sources, since it’s not readily available anywhere else. Here are the others I have info on that were off:
    Gooch 31 caps
    Hejduk 76 caps
    Cherundolo 45 caps
    Pearce 12 caps
    Spector 12 caps
    Beasley 73 caps
    Dempsey 39 caps, 9 goals
    Bradley 16 caps
    Feilhaber 16 caps
    Lewis 76 caps
    Convey 46 caps
    Wolff 51 caps, 10 goals
    Altidore 3 caps
    I’d be happy to share the spreadsheet…

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