New 08/09 Stoke City Away Shirt Revealed

Stoke City has officially unveiled their new away shirt for the 2008/2009 season. Designed by Le Coq Sportif, the new design features a yellow shirt with blue trim. The new shirt will be available from June 19 at the Stoke City club shop and online via its web site.

Stoke City away shirt

What do you think of the new shirt? Share your thoughts below.

5 thoughts on “New 08/09 Stoke City Away Shirt Revealed”

  1. Don’t like the away shirt at all, but since we have no choice as the home shirt is STILL out of stock and will be until Mid September, it’s a case of buy it or go without. Stoke should have known there would be high demand but cannot meet their fans needs. i wanted to buy my son one for his birthday but couldn’t get one. Do I get him one for Christmas and wear it for 5 months before it changes again or tell him he isn’t having one?
    Come on Stoke,you can do better than this!

  2. That’s not it. It’s a mock up version from a blog from last year in which the blogger showed what he wanted last year’s away kit to look like. Look at the sleeves… they have the half-lining around them like last year’s home kit. The real one will look far more like the ‘89 kit – of which there are pics available if you look.

  3. I’ll be honest – I’m not all that keen on this one, mainly due to the fact I was a big fan of the White alternative we wore the season past. I think it’s design basis is the shirts we wore at Anfield in 1989.

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