Steven Gerrard's Goal Against The USA

Steven Gerrard put in a Man of the Match performance last night at Wembley, thrusting himself even more into the permanent captaincy discussion. 

The first of the two videos below shows his well-worked goal that made it 2-0, set up by his good friend and perhaps soon-to-be Liverpool teammate Gareth Barry. It is quality of the highest degree, and a microcosm of England’s superiority throughout the entire game.

As a bonus, take a look at the second video, which is another fantastic goal scored yesterday, this time by Chedwyn Evans. Evans is currently on loan from Manchester City at Norwich City, where he scored 10 goals in 28 league games this season. He made his senior international début for Wales in their 1-0 victory over Iceland after scoring 9 goals in 8 U-21 matches, and in my experience, there aren’t too many 19-year olds who can score goals like this.

What a way to remember his first game with the big boys.


5 thoughts on “Steven Gerrard's Goal Against The USA”

  1. I was wondering what that was, I figured maybe it was Icelandic given that was Wales’ opponent yesterday, but now I know that isn’t the case.

  2. gerrard was man of the match if you shake hands with the turd floating highest in the bowl. a perfectly released ball and a ‘clinical’ finish against a second rate keeper on a third tier team? bravo stevie, bravo

  3. More like a third rate keeper on a fifth rate team. Keep in mind the US w/o Donovan isn’t even a third rate team. Not a single American field player other than Donovan could make any squad of any team participating in this summers Euros. That’s how bad we are right now. No leadership, no anything. Taking Donovan out of the picture, the US right now doesn’t have a single player that would have even started on the disastrous 1998 World Cup team. Maybe Mastroeni, Lewis and Hedjuk but they are all thirty something that won’t be around much longer. As I’ve said for months now the US is really bad right now. I know what I’m talking about with this national team: I follow the team very closely and keep track of just about every player in the pool wherever they may play their club football.

    At this point with Sven probably coming to Mexico, I have no expectations left for this bunch of embarrassments to the national honor.

  4. Now maybe in a few years they can compete with actual good teams…
    If not, let’s just blame AFC for their default…

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