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Something is afoot at Stamford Bridge

Three days after being told his job was secure and he had a contract until 2010, Henk Ten Cate has had his contract terminated with immediate effect. Chelsea’s website broke the story this afternoon and the removal of Ten Cate would seem to shut the door on any possibility of Frank Rijkaard taking over as Chelsea manager.

15514 news Something is afoot at Stamford Bridge

Speaking to Voetbal Magazine at the beginning of the week, Ten Cate had assured the magazine that he had been assured by Peter Kenyon on Saturday afternoon that he had a future at Chelsea. The statement on Chelsea’s website says “Chelsea Football Club can confirm that it terminated Henk Ten Cate’s contract today. This follows a meeting this morning.

“As a result of the team management changes at Chelsea FC, and in the light of any forthcoming appointment, it was clear this was the correct decision for all parties.

“Everybody at Chelsea would like to thank Henk for his contribution since coming to the club last year.”

The comments attributed to Ten Cate made me smile as it reminded me of when Kenyon announced to the world media in September that Jose Mourinho was the future of Chelsea Football Club. Mourinho left the club 3 days later. It seems that the club are clearing the decks for a new arrival and tallied to the comments from the Vice President of Portugal earlier today, could an announcement been in the offing?

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4 Responses to Something is afoot at Stamford Bridge

  1. Ph0BoLuS says:

    WTF is going on at my club? It seems none of the peoples jobs are secure…Next thing you know Steve Clarke will have his contract terminated, and Billy the joke man/rub down guy will be terminated…

  2. Dave M says:

    Any word on how much Ten Cate made in his few short months at Chelsea? I need to send them a resume.

  3. Ivan says:

    Steve Clarke has good support from the board, players and fans. The reality is he wants a job in the championship and has been piping for one for a while however no club has approached him i believe.

  4. damir says:

    this is why having a Russian billionaire in charge of everything is a bad idea, I’d like to see the same thing happen to UTD but it won’t and now everyone should realize why Arsenal aren’t allowing takeovers.

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