Setanta Sports Coming to RCN Cable & Verizon FIOS Soon?

Setanta Sports logoSetanta Sports may be unveiled on RCN Cable and Verizon FIOS in the next 4-8 weeks, or will they? uncovered an article in The Morning Bridge cable industry newsletter which quoted Setanta Sports CEO Roger Hall as saying that Setanta will begin a rolling launch on RCN cable systems beginning June 1st and on Verizon FIOS fiber optic cables in July.

However, a representative from Setanta followed up with AFANA to say that the information is inaccurate. Could it be that Setanta’s CEO let the cat out of the bag and released the news too early, or are Setanta and RCN and Verizon FIOS in serious discussions?

If so, this would be good news for soccer fans in the United States who can only get Setanta Sports via DirecTV, Dish Network, Setanta Broadband, NexTV and GekTV.

Despite Setanta Sports indicating to AFANA that the information is inaccurate, The Morning Bridge has yet to print a retraction or to remove the quote from Hall.

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