Release Dates For 08/09 Premier League Shirts

Subside Sports has released the schedule for the 2008/2009 shirts for Premier League clubs including Manchester United, Tottenham, West Ham, Arsenal and Chelsea.JUNE

Spurs ThirdWest Ham HomeFulham Home


Sunderland AwayWigan HomeSpurs AwayArsenal HomeChelsea AwayLiverpool AwayPortsmouth HomeManchester United AwayBolton HomeArsenal AwayManchester City HomeNewcastle United Away


Aston Villa HomeFulham AwayChelsea Third (Euro)Manchester City AwayLiverpool Third (Euro)Wigan AwayBolton AwayNewcastle ThirdAston Villa Away


Portsmouth ThirdFulham ThirdManchester United Third (Euro)Manchester City Third

The list is courtesy of Subside Sports (via Football Shirts).

9 thoughts on “Release Dates For 08/09 Premier League Shirts”

  1. Gaffer –

    What’s up with the picture that accompanied this article? After I’ve visited a site for a while, I decide whether it’s okay to recommend to my son (12 years old and a huge futbol fan). Don’t make me regret telling him about epltalk – it’s not like this pic has anything to do with the article, but it is JUST the subject line that would attract a young fan.

  2. Dave-

    No offense, but that picture has been the most interesting thing posted on this site in a while.

    Euro 2008 can’t start soon enough.

  3. Dave,

    It’s just a fun picture of beautiful women wearing alternative soccer outfits.

    The average audience for EPL Talk is male, aged 18-34. I don’t see any harm in having the picture on the site. You can see a lot worse on your local beach.

    Your son can keep on coming back. No worries. I won’t publish any nudity :)

    The Gaffer

  4. …maybe so, but there’s a difference between him checking something out on the sly and me telling him “hey – check this out”.

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