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McBride leaves Fulham to return to the MLS

A surprising announcement this evening has seen talismanic striker Brian McBride announce that he is to leave Fulham to return to the USA. McBride had apparently been planning this for a while but it has come as something of a shock due to his impact in the final few games that saw Fulham, relegated at one point in the game against Manchester City when they went 2-0, stay up with a win at Portsmouth on the final day of the season.

t1 mcbride McBride leaves Fulham to return to the MLS

“I’ve always stated my intention to go home at some stage and this seems like the right moment to move on,” McBride told the Fulhams website. I’m proud that my last game saw the club stay in the Premier League.”

The question is, where will McBride land?

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11 Responses to McBride leaves Fulham to return to the MLS

  1. BP says:

    Chicago. Nailed on fact.

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  3. T says:

    *Standing up, clapping*

    Good job, McBride! You had a great career in England! Time to come home and wrap up your career.

    Go to the Rapids!

  4. Zal says:

    Suddenly Fulham is losing its intrigue … followed them mainly because of their yankee population startng with McBride 4 years ago.

    Well, hopefully, he’s heading to San Jose. They are in desperate need of a striker. It’d be great to see this franchise get a bug shot in the arm.

  5. John says:

    Too bad….I was hoping he would spend one more year at Fulham since they stayed up. Still a great representative for the US in the EPL.

  6. timmyg says:

    although its really sad, any fulham fan saw his departure as inevitable if we stayed up.

    thanks for everything McGod. we’ll miss you!

  7. McBride is a National Hero! says:

    No No No!
    These are all lies manufactured by the Man!
    Mr. McBride is indestructible.
    His left elbow has been reconstructed of depleted Uranium and he has a Carborundum and Titanium eye socket.

    He is our goodwill ambassador.

    I refuse to recognize his announcement!

  8. L Chupacabra says:

    Don’t pay attention to him. Mr. Uranium Elbow will get over it soon.

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  10. cowbpy says:

    McBride is going to play for the Fire. No doubt in my mind. Question is what does the fire give to Toronto FC for his rights..

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