TV Schedule for European Championship Matches On ESPN Classic

Euro 2008 logoIf you live in the United States and you have ESPN Classic on your satellite or cable package, you’re in for a treat over the next two weeks. Earlier today (Monday, May 26), ESPN Classic broadcasted the 1972 European Championship final between West Germany and USSR. If you’re like me, you missed it (ESPN Classic has no plans to show the matches again in the near future, so set your DVRs).

Thankfully, ESPN Classic has more European Championship Finals in store. Each weekday night at 7pm ET between now and the beginning of Euro 2008, the TV network will air all of the Euro finals from 1972 to 2004.

Here’s the schedule:

Monday, May 26, 7pm ET:
West Germany v USSR, 1972 Final

Tuesday, May 27, 7pm ET:
Czechoslovakia v West Germany, 1976 Final

Wednesday, May 28, 7pm ET:
West Germany v Belgium, 1980 Final

Thursday, May 29, 7pm ET:
Spain v France, 1984 Final, 1984 Final

Friday, May 30, 7pm ET:
Netherlands v Russia, 1988 Final

Monday, June 2, 7pm ET:
Denmark v Germany, 1992 Final

Tuesday, June 3, 7pm ET:
Germany v Czech Republic, 1996 Final

Wednesday, June 4, 7pm ET:
France v Italy, 2000 Final

Thursday, June 5, 7pm ET:
Portugal v Greece, 2004 Final


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