9 thoughts on “Bristol City or Hull City in the Premier League? Vote Now”

  1. Respect to Bristol but it’s got to be the Tigers this time… After all these year it is destiny calling

  2. Just a thought for an overseas fan with no attachment to any time is there anything that can be used as a objective decision maker. For instance, for a Yank, does either side have any Americans on the squad. Not so objective I admit. But can anyone argue that one team will make the league stronger if promoted.

  3. First consideration is who is more likely to stay up mif they come up. The answer to that one is, in all honesty, neither. Whoever gets promoted will come back down again next season.

    Next consideration is favourite players, and i can’t really say i like anyone that much. Nicky Barmby maybe? Always thought he was a good player, and respect to him for going back to Hull.

    Would be a great achievement for either team to get promoted, and i’ll be delighted for the fans.

    Basically, i don’t really care!

  4. Yeah the Tigers have Boaz Myhill who was born in California to an American Father and a Welsh Mother. He has just won his first International cap for Wales in goal.

  5. Severn River versus Humber River

    Severn Bridge versus Hull Bridge……….the battle of Britains two biggest suspension bridges.

    Who can’t get excited for this.

    It is like San Fran (Golden Gate) playing NY (Verezano Narrows)

    Doesn’t get any better than that for a transportation nut like me.

  6. Gotta be Hull City. Might be too much too soon for Bristol City. Besides I gotta see that crazy old dog Dean Windass make it to the Prem again. Anyone who can rack up three red cards in one match has got to have some entertainment value :)

  7. And besides, if anyone tells you Hull is the biggest city in Europe never to have had top flight football, then unfortunately they are wrong.

    Good luck to both sides, behind West Brom, these two have played the best football all season in the Championship. Should be a good open game.

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