Euro 2008 Trailers From BBC and ITV

In the United Kingdom this summer, both BBC and ITV will be sharing live TV coverage of the Euro 2008 tournament. To build anticipation for the month long European Championships, both TV networks have released trailers.

Here they are for your enjoyment:


BBC Euro 2008 trailer


ITV Euro 2008 trailer
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5 thoughts on “Euro 2008 Trailers From BBC and ITV”

  1. It is always quite amusing over here when the BBC and ITV go head to head and show the same game, the viewer percentage is usual 85% BBc and 15% ITV. I for one am not looking forward to ITV having the FA Cup and England games for the next 3 years. ITV’s coverage is awful, always has been and always will be.

  2. Clever idea on the ITV ad to take the love affair/loss of the England team head-on, but it takes too long to develop and there’s no actual ad for the Euros. The idea that you can root for another team is gotten across quickly in the BBC ad – then it’s all ‘on topic’ : teams, players (smartly focusing on your favorite EPL stars), why someone in the UK might choose one side over another… The BBC ad is much better.

  3. If you look carefully that lad in the ITV ad is turning into “Mr Footy”. He was in the Setanta/Sultana/Santana Sports ad with Des Lynam. The beebs is a bit knowing and stereotypical. It’s a bit lazy and OTT.

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