Champions League Final Live Audio Commentary Online

Champions League Talk logoIf you’re desperate to follow the Champions League Final today, you can’t watch it on TV and you don’t have a Slingbox, listen to the live radio commentary from The Sun. The audio quality is usually suspect, but at least you’ll be able to follow the biggest match of the year online.

And, don’t forget, you can also read more coverage about the final today from our sister site, Champions League Talk.

Today’s match is not just a battle between Chelsea and Man United (hopefully on the pitch, not in the streets of Moscow). Instead it’s an advertisement for the Premier League. Let’s hope the match is entertaining and free of incidents. It’ll be our last vivid memory of what the English Premier League is all about before the season kicks off again in August. May the best team win.

2 thoughts on “Champions League Final Live Audio Commentary Online”

  1. ESPN 360 online maybe free to many today. So try looking in about 1:00pm EST to see if you can get the game for free online and in excellent quality. I know my online company at work has it, so I am in luck.

  2. Definitely the busiest day for ever with more traffic today than ever before. So much traffic, in fact, that it crashed the site for 30 minutes but everything is back up and running now. Phew!

    The Gaffer

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