Zaragoza Cries Seven Years Later

There are teams you can actually imaging playing in 2º Division. Zaragoza is not one of them. With the highest budget of its history, a team made for Champions League is now in hell, deciding who they are going to sell in order to face an extremely difficult season.

Just take a look to some of their players: Cesar, Ayala, Diego Milito, Sergio García, Zapater, Aimar, Juanfran… They have one of the best La Liga teams! Now newspapers talk about Milito, whom Zaragoza expects to sell for 15 or 20 millions of euros (Tottenham and Barcelona are interested), and Sergio García for nearly 10 millions (probably more if he does a good Euro 2008). Sadly this is the only way the have to face its debt not playing in 1º Division.

Today Real Madrid plays a match against Al Nasr for which it is going to receive 2 millions of Euros. This money can help to complete the Rolando’s operation, something overdiscussed these days in Spain. The problem is that Portuguese crack is saying yes and no at the same time. That’s because English press prefers to quote “I’m really happy here because every day I learn something new”, and Spanish newspapers quote “I’ve always said I want to play in Spain”. This is a business and newspapers must be sold. From Real Madrid headquarters one sentence has been repeated continuously: “We have enough money, and if he wants to come, he will”. We can only wait.

The Spanish national team is, after the end of La Liga, the topic that centres the whole attention. This year has not been really brilliant for Spanish clubs, so probably is la seleccion year. After so many deceptions this country is afraid of having hope. We have incredible players, but when they team up it seems they are everything but a team. Spain is waiting the first match, and after that we will decide if it is worth or not to have faith… again.

By the way, be attentive to laligatalk because in just one or two days we will post a really interesting interview with the most important Spanish football journalists in England. I’m sure you know the name. For those who don’t… you’ll have to wait.


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