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Champions League Final TV Schedule: UK, US and India

champions league logo1 Champions League Final TV Schedule: UK, US and IndiaAround the world, tens of thousands of soccer fans will be taking time off work on Wednesday in preparation for the biggest match of the year — the Champions League Final. Below we have news on which TV networks will be showing the Champions League Final in the United States, United Kingdom and India.

In the United Kingdom, the Champions League Final will be shown live on ITV and Sky Sports. Here’s the schedule from ITV, which features an incredible five hours of coverage:

  • Champions League: Greatest Goals, ITV4, 4-5pm BST
  • Champions League Final Preview, ITV4, 6-7pm BST
  • Champions League Final, ITV1, 7-10pm BST

And here’s the schedule for Sky Sports 1:

  • Champions League Final, Sky Sports 1, 6-11pm BST

In the United States, ESPN2 (and ESPN2 HD) will begin its broadcast at 2pm ET with a preview show, followed by the match which is scheduled to end at 5pm ET.

In India, the match will be shown live on television on TEN Sports beginning at 11pm local time.

For the latest Champions League news and coverage, be sure to visit our sister site Champions League Talk.

Lastly, if you plan on recording the match and watching it later, make sure you allow for extra time and penalties. There’s nothing worse than missing the end of what we hope will be a classic match.

How and where will you be experiencing the Champions League Final? Click the comments link and let us know.

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18 Responses to Champions League Final TV Schedule: UK, US and India

  1. Kartik says:

    Ten Sports is doing an all day marathon to promote the match. I’m watching it right now!

    ESPN has for whatever reason opted to show cricket instead here at the 11 pm time slot.

  2. kat kid says:

    with some buddies in HD over beers.

    God bless summer.

  3. betsy's bolton bum baster says:


    No knock on Indians, I’m Indian. Do you have many Indian readers or something, I don’t see any other reason why you would put them on the site. Just wondering.

    Jai Hind!

  4. The Gaffer says:


    While I don’t have the stats in front of me, the site does get quite a lot of traffic from India. Maybe Kartik is hitting refresh on his browser to inflate the numbers? ; )

    The Gaffer

  5. Kartik says:

    I’m in India currently. Heading to England for US-England next week and then back home to Fort Lauderdale after.

  6. vineeth jacob says:

    Chelsea Rocks…..ManU Sucks…………

  7. Sam Dalton says:

    In the UK, Sky Sports 1 are also showing the match live, and their coverage is far better than ITV.

  8. Lonnie says:

    I booked the day off…HD feed, burgers, cold beer, some friends coming over to watch…going to be a great day !! :)

    In Canada, TSN is carrying the ESPN feed of the game starting at 1pm CST.

  9. gaurav says:

    Only 3 hrs. 2 go ppl……..we’ll see manu thrashin d hell outta suckas chelsea……lets paint moscow red!!!

  10. Pankaj says:

    Vineeth….Chelsea Sucks…..ManU Rocks man….u know hw ManU beat Chelsea Last Season…….hahahahahahahaha…. ;-)

  11. muneer says:

    barcelona 2008/2009 uefa champions……….

  12. Pritam says:

    barcelona are gonna pip manure to the finish….

  13. craig says:

    where can i see the game in west hollywood.. dont know if my hotel has espn yet, not arriving till tom afternoon

  14. kushum raya says:

    My dream gonna be real just after 7 hrs ……………..i am the manu supporter

  15. Alan says:

    Bring it on…. i cant wait.

  16. Duncan says:

    Am staying in a hotel in delhi and the assure me that ESPN are showing the game…. is it definitley on just tensports?

  17. The Gaffer says:

    Duncan, the TV listings above was for last year’s final. But, yes, the final will be shown by Ten Sports in India at 23:15 local time.

    The Gaffer

  18. Duncan says:

    so annoying – just spoke to the hotel again and said if they can put Ten sports on – they keep saying it will start on ESPN at 00:15 local time…

    nothing on the NET including ESPN’s own website say anything about them Broadcasting the game.

    by the sounds of it the hotel cant / wont put TEN sports on….

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