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Champions League Final Press Coverage Is Too Excessive

champions league logo Champions League Final Press Coverage Is Too ExcessiveAm I the only person who is getting a bit sick of the Champions League press coverage? The match hasn’t even begun yet, but the newspapers continue writing article after article leading up to Wednesday’s match between Manchester United and Chelsea. Sure, I’m looking forward to the match just as much as anyone, but I don’t want it crammed down my throat.

On Saturday and Sunday this weekend, I counted 62 articles being published online on the topic of the Champions League from the following online sites: The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Sun, The Independent, The Daily Star, The Times, The Offside, Reuters, Manchester Evening News, The Daily Mirror, The Daily Express and BBC Sport.

Let’s do the talking after the match has ended. Sure, if there’s important news to share prior to the final, do it. But most of the articles I’ve read are retreads of the other ones.

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5 Responses to Champions League Final Press Coverage Is Too Excessive

  1. Paul Bestall says:

    I’m thoroughly bored by it and have been for about a week. I don’t dislike either side, but it is mindnumblingly dull. We know these sides inside out and back to front, we know how they’ll play, who’ll play and who won’t play.

    An all English final is the worst thing for the competition, as the all Italian borefest between AC Milan and Juventus was the other year. Manchester United will attack and Chelsea will defend and try to catch United through set pieces.

    The Real Madrid v Valencia game was the best of the 3 same country finals we’ve had so far but Valencia were comprehensively outplayed throughout the game and it wasn’t much of a match.

    I just like two teams from two countries playing, it increases the tactical battle. I’ll be watching and hoping it’ll be a good game but I’m not expecting much at all to be honest.

  2. kat kid says:

    I’m pretty sure Super Bowl coverage is more sickening as it is two weeks long, with non-stop coverage interviews and mindless analyzing.

  3. JLay says:

    What else do they have to talk about? The season’s over, Euro is a ways off (England won’t be there anyway), and it’s kind of early to talk about transfer season…

    Same thing everywhere… there writers are paid to churn out news and opinions, but there’s no news and nothing else to have an oopinion on right now!

    That said, I’m sick of it too – I’m actually spending most of my footie time reading through silly, unfounded xfer rumors now!

  4. JLay says:

    Err, “these writers”…

  5. When you put it into context, 62 articles divided by 13 sources averages less than 2.5 articles per source per day. Each source is going to have it’s own slant.

    Personally I think this is a whole ‘much adu about nothing’. When you are pulling RSS stories from so many different sources, the same story being pounded into the ground is bound to happen.

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