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Top 5 Soccer Blogs

When you type the words “soccer blogs” into Google, the search engine returns a listing of 2.9 million pages indexed. Rather than wade through the massive amount of blogs, here are the top 5 blogs based on the number of subscribers to their Feedburner RSS feeds:

  1. ArseBlog, 2,991 subscribers
  2. Soccerlens, 1,565
  3. EPL Talk, 466
  4. Soccer Shout, 312
  5. Throughball, 171

Sadly, is on hiatus. Whether Josh, the blogger, will return looks unlikely.The top 5 list was compiled by researching over 100 of the top soccer blogs. Only blogs that publicly feature on their web site the number of Feedburner RSS feeds they have were included.

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9 Responses to Top 5 Soccer Blogs

  1. Alex Hleb says:

    ah yes,

    we love you arsenal we do,
    we love you arsenal we do,
    we love you arsenal we do,
    aaarsenal we love you!

    gaffer, i want to anounce that I am going to change my name. alex hleb could be leaving but even if he stays i feel that i need to change my name to some other arsenal player. can you please help me out and pick out a name you like from those im considering? it would be much appreciated.

    alex song, johan djourou, mark randall, armand traore, nacer barazite, thierry henry, Charlie G. (as in G for George), or Perry G. (G for Groves).

    im personally leaning towards alex song, charlie G., or Perry G.

    please give me your opinion.

  2. Michael says:

    Please, alex, be Gavin Hoyte.

  3. Ringo says:


  4. Lonnie says:

    Why not pick a classic Arsenal star like Lee Dixon or Ray Parlour??

  5. Alex Hleb says:

    i cant pick a big name like dixon, maybe ray parlour but when i think about it, i should really reject any one important. so then charlie george would be out too. but maybe george can still be in considering that he is a tour guide at the arsenal mueseum at the grove.

    gavin hoyte is a good suggestion but im worried he might leave. i dont want to associate myself with someone who’s leaving. i hear justin might go to villa but i would rather have him stay to back up the clichy and sagna. id rather have him stay instead of eboue but eboue has those compromising pictures of arsene so thats why he’s still there.

    i dont want to choose eboue even though he’s a character because he might leave(if prayers are heard).

    i think may be alex song is the best fit just because i only have to hold the backspace key for that many seconds shorter.
    my real name really isnt alex though but it does start with an A.

    ive also contemplated using homophones.

    like tomas rose hickey.

    give me a homophone for robin van persie

  6. Sean says:

    We don’t publicly release our #’s, but if we did, we’d be in this top 5. :)

    Thanks for posting this – great stuff.

  7. Find more good soccer blogs on my linking page (including EPL ofcourse):

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