5 thoughts on “Poll: How Will You Experience the 2007/2008 FA Cup Final?”

  1. I am taking a pass on the FA Cup final this season, with all my respect to Pompey and Cardiff. At least the broadcasters have come to their senses, and since Setanta and FSC are splitting the rights as of next season, we won’t be bullied into paying $20 to watch a game.
    Good riddance, soccer p-p-v. Between Setanta, FSC, and Gol TV, they better have every important soccer match out there(world cup qualifiers, I can see why p-p-v for some games may be the only option).

  2. Listening to multiple footie podcasts every week, I must say even I’m surprised at how much this game is being ignored. WSD goes on and on about the Champions League Final, the UEFA Cup Final, what’s going on in Italy & Spain, where Mourinho ends up, summer transfer rumors…

    but no mention of this game? I know that two unknown teams are in it. I know neither team has much support in the US. I know it’s on PPV. But isn’t this the FA Cup Final? It’s supposed to be important.

    Not that I’m bitter…


  3. I’m a Pompey fan so I’m, not ignoring it, even going to Wembley. Trouble is no big 4 means little interest especially with the Champions League next week feature 2 English teams.

    Think the FA Cup will be a more exciting match though, last years was just dire.

  4. I’m really looking forward to the game, I’ve a soft spot for Pompey as I used to live in Gosport for 3 years. Good luck to them.

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