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ESPN Launches Ads to Promote Euro 2008 TV Coverage

espn logo ESPN Launches Ads to Promote Euro 2008 TV CoverageESPN has launched a series of ads on their network to promote their coverage of the upcoming Euro 2008 tournament. The TV ads feature Germany, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy. My personal favorite is the Portugese one, but each of them is well done.

So far, ESPN hasn’t made a wrong move in their preparation for their live TV coverage of Euro 2008. The network has announced that the vast majority of Euro 2008 matches will be shown in HD. Plus, in the buildup to Euro 2008, ESPN Classic will be showing the European Championship finals from 1972 onwards each night from May 26 to June 5. Bravo ESPN (seriously).


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15 Responses to ESPN Launches Ads to Promote Euro 2008 TV Coverage

  1. Kartik says:

    I certainly hope it works.

    I fear the rating will be terrible this summer for the tournament souring ESPN on Soccer.

    No England, the 2nd most popular foreign national team in the US (after Mexico, and ahead of Italy) and no Scotland means no passion from many of the fans and much of the color missing from the event.

    That’s why I’d invite FIFA and UEFA to revisit my proposal from many months ago to allow the home nations to stage their own tournament for a UEFA Euro Finals place.

  2. damir says:


    I don’t really like Portugal, but their’s is probably the best, that or Spain.

  3. SamSpur says:

    very nice ads…I hope there’s one for the Dutch too though…showing all the oranje fans like the Greece ad is an obvious one. And one for France as well.

  4. The Truth says:

    If Americans don’t watch….it’s their loss. They’re probably too busy with NASCAR and pro wraslin’.

    Stupid rednecks.

  5. Marie says:

    @ The Truth: Yes, because all Americans watch NASCAR and wrestling.

    Fucking generalizing idiot.

  6. The real “generalizing idiots” here in my opinion, are the people behind these ads. So basically, ESPN is trying to teach us that:

    1) Italians are only good at whining and complaining
    2) Portuguese are only good for their dribbles
    3) Germans are good at building stuff (“Engineered to win”????)

    Great. So either whoever made these ads actually believes the above (sad), or that’s how soccer is perceived by the average American sports fan (sadder). My take: these ads could have used a little more effort in the creativity department.

  7. Adi says:

    What are you talking about. :-)
    is a very silent-close-highly-favorite of the EURO’08.
    Enjoy ALL the games. Servus, Adi

  8. costa taf says:

    the greek commercial gives me the chills! love it!!

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  10. Danny says:

    What is the flamenco song used for the Portuguese commercial?

  11. Ze says:

    Danny, Flamenco is Spanish, why would they use spanish flamenco in a Portuguese commercial? Seriously? What you heard is classic Portuguese guitar. Catchy isn’t it? Youtube has plenty of examples. Related with Fado.

  12. dima says:

    I know nobody that watches Wrestling or Nascar. I live in the 4th biggest media market in the US, SF Bay Area.
    Truth, you are an idiot!!!
    As far as the stereotype issue…..unfortunately, that is the best appoach to get the average sports fan’s interest peaked in America. It isn’t very sophisticated, but it appeals to a larger mass of people, and the others would watch the tournament anyways.

  13. dave says:

    I doubt the ESPN ratings are going to be terrible because England and Scotland aren’t in the Euro 2008 finals. Fans of England and Scotland will still want to watch. It doesn’t have to have spectacular ratings for ESPN to do well; it’s not like there’s a lot of other good sports stuff on ESPN in June.

  14. Peter Maeatua says:

    I love Soccar very much, it means all to me,
    As an ESPS TV lishner, I like ESPN, BUT WANT ESPN TO RELAY EURO 2008 football champion

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