Setanta Sports Launches Redesigned Sites in North America

Setanta Sports logoSetanta Sports in North America has redesigned their website as well as creating country-specific websites. The new website for Setanta Sports in the United States is, while the new site for Canada is Setanta’s current site, will be phased out over time.

Although the new sites are busy, they do offer plenty of features for soccer fans. Examples include a streaming feed of Setanta Sports News, links to the Setanta Sports Podcast, the latest I’m On Setanta Sports episode, soccer news and more.

4 thoughts on “Setanta Sports Launches Redesigned Sites in North America”

  1. I JUST got Setanta this week, through a switch from Comcast cable to DirecTV, and I LOVE it. It is the exact feel I want when watching football on television: The Championship games are direct feeds right to Sky Sports, Chelsea and ManU TV, and all the commentators are actually at the stadium looking at the pitch, unlike FSC where Max Bretos and whoever else are not there and are watching the game in a studio in the States. Setanter is the bomb.

  2. The new sites were up Sunday morning. My 12-year old and I had been playing Wigan v Man Utd on FIFA08 and sat down just before kickoff time to boot-up the laptop and load Setanta Broadband. It was squeaky bum time when we saw it was a new web page, and we couldn’t find how to login. We barely made it in time – not a great day to debut something new.

  3. I've been watching Setanta for a good year now. Excellent coverage of English football. Far superior then fsc, where the commentators are horrendous!! I wish Setanta also aired Spanish and Italian games, then it would be my favorite sports channel!!

  4. The new internet web site in the US is great. Watched Liverpool v Arsenal yesterday and the picture quality was great in full screen on my Mac.

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