EPL Talk Fantasy League Final Table

fantasy-premier-league.gifIt’s not only been a long season for your favorite footballers in the Premier League, but also the fantasy players such as yourself who have persevered through one challenge after another all season.

Out of 113,062 teams that participated in the 2007/2008 Fantasy Premier League from PremierLeague.com, EPL Talk ended in sixty first position.

  1. Footballshirts.net, Kandevil (Ian Ebbs), 2265 points
  2. Witton Lane FC, Steve Colclough, 2262
  3. Arsenalrepp, Arul Ravindran, 2256
  4. Riverdale FC, James Dutra, 2252
  5. Rowwr, Scott Plinski, 2246
  6. Millhouse, Steve Bennett, 2238
  7. North of Gary, Joe Coker, 2237
  8. AC Vols, Travis Kelley, 2237
  9. The Mighty Owls, Jeremy Funnell, 2233
  10. Louisville United, Daniel L, 2233

Thanks to each and every one of you who played the game throughout the season. The EPL Talk private league had 430 members from around the world. We’ll be back next season with a new league for you to play in. More details coming soon.

In the meantime, congratulations to Ian Ebbs for winning the competition (by three points more than second placed Steve Colclough). We’ll be contacting Ian in the next few days to send him a boxful of goodies from EPL Talk.

3 thoughts on “EPL Talk Fantasy League Final Table”

  1. Special thanks to Richard Dunne, whose 15th-minute sending off, coupled with Citeh’s pitiful excuse for defending against Boro (Boro?) left me reeling. Hell, Dunne could have laid like a stump in the corner and I still would’ve won but for the -3 for the red card plus the point I lost since he didn’t make it to the second half.

    Congrats to Ian, though. Way to finish strong.

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