A Feast to Savour

Firstly, I would like to show my huge appreciation to the gaffer for allowing me to contribute to the EPL Talk website over the coming weeks, a view which I know is shared by many others.

As a young football enthusiast from the UK, it is a very strange feeling to see my nation not involved in a major championship, but that is the atrocious fate England have suffered, and quite frankly deserved to suffer, over the last few years.

However, this disappointment may turn out to bring a lot of positive enjoyment to England fans, as it may allow them to sit back and enjoy the fantastic football this summer from a neutral perspective.

Maybe we will all be able to appreciate the quality of what we are viewing a little bit better, and praise those players and teams who manage to achieve success, rather the focus all of our attention on England doing well.

After all, nobody could possibly say England is currently Europe’s best footballing country, so shouldn’t we just relax and take in the excellence of the likes of Spain, Italy and Portugal? It should be a terrific tournament full of entertainment, goals and breathtaking football from Europe’s elite.

The stars of England will be sitting at home watching on television, and maybe they can learn a lesson or two from some of their foreign friends during their viewing.

So my message to all grumpy England supporters is to just appreciate and savour all the fabulous entertainment before their eyes, and we can worry about England when the world cup comes around.

2 thoughts on “A Feast to Savour”

  1. Nice language.
    I don’t think, except for ’66, that England has ever been Europe’s best footballing country.
    Especially not recently.

    They do however have the best league in the world… filled with foreign stars. But instead of complaining about the amount for foreigners in the PL maybe the English should buckle down and try harder. Or try going across the pond.

  2. From the perspective of how footballers do with their respective club sides, England is the best side on the planet save perhaps Brazil. But like Brazil who despite winning recently in 1994 and 2002 the World Cup have underachieved for the most part in World Cup and Copa America competitions (recall Spain 1982, Brazil fans?), England doesn’t seem to have players who buy into international play or understand flexible tactics and approaches.

    That is why a less talented German side, who to quote Sean Ingle ” has no players Chelsea or Arsenal would want” consistently beats England with lesser players.

    Take the national team I am most familiar with, the US. We do not have a single player except Landon Donovan strong or technical enough to make the top 50 pool players for England. I laugh when people talk about Clint Dempsey or Carlos Bocanegra. Those of us who watch the PL realize those two would have never once been called into the England team. Yet the US has a system we play which the players understand and thrive in. It is different from the system at their clubs but unlike English players they can make the adjustment without Gerrard/Lampard like conflicts. In fact the US has been successful beating Mexico 9 of the past 11 meetings despite having far inferior talent to Mexico at every position on the field and looking completely helpless and outclassed against Mexico in the first half of every match we play them in. The second half where counter attacking really kicks in is where we beat them.

    This summer like a previous poster stated I fancy Romania to make noise, and perhaps also a nice little run from Poland as well.

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