Max Bretos is my hero …

except he’s not.

Well, hello there!

I’d like to thank The Gaffer for letting me out of the cage and onto the Interwebs as a new helper with this little venture. I’ll try not to make a fool out of him or myself (if I can make sure to tag things correctly). As for other people, well, we’ll see what happens.

I’d like to start with something from Fox Football Fone-in this week.

Aside from the horrid cardboard cutout of Nick Webster that haunts me in my sleep, I like the show a lot. Steven Cohen should just do the show solo, since his ex-cohort went to become a pro poker player, but I understand the need for a co-host for “banter.”

Which brings me to Mr. Bretos.

Max cares for the game. He loves to over-pronounce Latino names (“Carrrrrrrrlos RRRRRRRRRuiiiiiiiiiiiiithhhh!” is not spoken in Castillian Spanish, Max.) and every goal is magic. But his love for the beautiful game does come through. It’s obvious he’s drunk the MLS Kool-Aid, and that’s OK. From my previous life being in the media, it’s tough to find fault in something when you’re around it every day.

So when a caller asked how Steven and Max would “fix” the MLS to put it on par with other world leagues, Steven answered quickly: A single table, do away with the salary cap. Simple. Max’s response: “I’m being told by the censors that I can’t answer the question.”


Show over. Thanks for playing. See you later.

This is the major problem with FSC. It’s not run out of Canada. Do we think Bobby McMahon would say the censors wouldn’t allow him to answer? Likely not. But the L.A. crew are too in-pocket with MLS. It’s really unfortunate. But as Setanta becomes the leading outlet for English soccer in the States, FSC is going to have to be even more in-pocket. Oh well. At least I can listen to Cohen on Sirius at work.

Look for me this weekend during all of the EPL finale games. It should be fun (even if I think the relegation battle is more fun than the top).


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