A Long Premier League Season Comes to a Close

The 2007/2008 Premier League season has almost come to a close. For me, it’s been a thrilling spectacle but, by far, it’s been the longest season I can ever remember (mostly for personal reasons). Sometimes people forget that even football supporters need a rest, too, not just the players.

When I wrote a post in late March entitled “Chelsea is Closer to Winning the Premier League Title Than You Think,” little did I know that it could come true. The closest Premier League title race in history may yet be decided on goal difference. How about that for a triumphant end to a brilliant season?

Fellow EPL Talk blogger Bill E Shears, meanwhile, made a bold statement in early March when he wrote a post entitled “Prediction: Fulham Will Not Be Relegated.” Readers probably thought Tyler and I were madmen for making such wild predictions. But then again, it’s quite possible that Fulham will still get relegated and Man United will win the Premier League title.

Maybe Kevin Keegan was right after all?

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