Tell Us How EPL Talk Can Improve

EPL Talk logoThe 2007/2008 season has been the most successful one in EPL Talk’s history (since our launch in 2005). In April, the web site had more traffic than World Soccer Daily and CSRN combined, has grown a whopping 5457% since April 2007 and is currently the number four soccer blog according to BallHype.

But before any of this goes to my head, which it won’t, I want to ask you two favors. First, please click the comment button below and let us know how EPL Talk can improve. Constructive criticism is welcomed, or if you want to say what you enjoy about EPL Talk, that’s fine too.

Second, please take a moment to thank the bloggers who volunteer so much of their time to make EPL Talk a popular destination. The bloggers extraordinaire are Michael, Lonnie, Bill E Shears, Ferd and Jonny Carter (who has gone missing). Over the next few weeks, we have plenty to share with you including a redesign of EPL Talk, daily Euro 2008 coverage and more podcast interviews (including Tim Vickery). Plus a team of new bloggers to introduce you to at our sister sites Champions League Talk, Major League Soccer Talk, Championship Talk, Serie A Talk, La Liga Talk, World Cup Buzz, Soccer On Dish and Bundesliga Talk.

It’s been a fun season. Thanks for your loyalty.


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