New 08/09 Tottenham Hotspur Kits: Home, Away and Third

Tottenham Hotspur has unveiled its new home, away and third shirts for the 2008/2009 season. Manufactured by Puma, Spurs debuted the new shirts Tuesday night in London. The event was webcasted live via the official Spurs web site. See the new shirts below:

New 08/09 Spurs kits

The new line of Tottenham shirts feature the traditional white jersey (home). Spurs fans will appreciate that the club has changed back to the traditional navy shorts instead of the white ones they wore this season. The away shirt is light blue, while the third shirt is black and white and gold.

Tottenham Hotspur has announced that it’ll wear its new home kit this Sunday in their final match of the season against Liverpool.

Meanwhile, rumors abound about Dimitar Berbatov future at White Hart Lane after the Spurs striker was noticeably missing from the launch of the new Spurs kit.

12 thoughts on “New 08/09 Tottenham Hotspur Kits: Home, Away and Third”

  1. Berbatov is going to AC Milan – deal might even be announced today. Fee not known but in excess of £30 million. You heard it here first

  2. It’s weird. The whole Berba leaving thing has been rumbling on for so long, I’m not even bothered by it happening. £30m or however much someone (Milan) want to spend is very welcome and could buy a couple of amazing players for our midfield, defence or even in goal. Thanks Dimi, you’re a classy player, Ive enjoyed watching you play for Spurs, now shut the door on your way out.

  3. Berbatov is probably the best forward I have seen since Eric Cantona, he got class, arrogance and finesse when on the ball. SPURS are mad if we let a player like that go. HE CAN ONLY GET BETA!!!!

  4. He is a class act but at the end of the day. If he spent as much time sulking as he does playing then he would be worth twice that. Up the yids

  5. I#’m very pleased with the new kits, I wasn’t a big fan of this seasons home strip, it was too white, if that makes sense. Good to see a Sky Blue strip, it always reminds of being a kid when I see that strip for the Spurs.
    However, what does annoy me, is the fact that this new collection takes us to 10 new strips in 3 seasons (not including goalkeepers). I appreciate that until we improve the Lane we’ll struggled to increase our turnover but this is getting a bit daft now! One kit we wore in one game, the brown (sorry chocolate) kit of 2 years ago we wore 6 times.
    The sooner we get the ground levelled and rebuilt to 50,000, the better!

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