New 08/09 Portsmouth Away Shirt Revealed

A picture of the new Portsmouth away shirt for the 2008/2009 season has been leaked. Manufactured by Canterbury, the white and blue shirt design has a retro look about it especially with the old school collars.

New 08/09 Portsmouth away shirt

The image is courtesy of our friends over at Football Shirts. As their readers point out in the comments section on their site, the new Portsmouth away shirt looks very similar to the design of a cricket jersey.

6 thoughts on “New 08/09 Portsmouth Away Shirt Revealed”

  1. New crest, 110 years under it, collar. I generally like the design, but it has too much blue in it to be used away to teams like Blackburn, Chelsea, Everton. I hope the home kit isn’t the exact opposite in color. The third kit will once again be black, which I think is unoriginal. They talk of a 4th kit for Europe, but we have to get there first.

    The entire home kit will be blue as well. Almost 100 years of tradition wearing blue shirt/white pants/red socks will be gone. Definitely don’t like that. It was distinctive. All blue is bland.

    Now… who’s name and number will I get on it…

  2. It does look uncannily like a cricket jersey. Dont think thats a bad thing though. Theres a certain appeal about it.

  3. Ooops the above post was supposed to go in the Italian Euro 2008 roster thread.

    That said, Portsmouth’s jersey is pretty sharp even though I would have a hard time going out in a shirt that has “printing solutions” so prominently featured.

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