5 thoughts on “Sky Sports Interviews Brad Friedel and Kasey Keller”

  1. Brad Friedel is out of touch with the American scene. Nice to see them both interviewed together, but Keller who still keeps playing for the USMNT and has expressed further interest in the MLS has more to say on the status of soccer in the US today.

    Friedel left the USMNT after the 2002 WC and from what I hear his contact with the US is only a vacation in the States in the off season. Ok, he runs a summer youth soccer program back in Ohio in the summers I have also heard.

    However, his playing skills are top-notch. He needs to get back in touch with his roots.

  2. Gaf, thanks for posting that.

    It was instructive and a reminder again as Lou mentioned how out of touch Friedel is with the scene here. Keller despite never playing in MLS or the A-League always has made it a point to fly back as often as possible and bond with the youngsters and take an active interest in what is going on here.

    I applaud Friedel for his academy in Ohio but don’t think he had nearly the perspective of Keller nor the undying loyalty from national team fanatics like myself that KK will always have. Keller is one of the last footballers in the world that would sacrifice his club for country at all costs and for that he should be held up as an example of virtue in a game going the other direction.

  3. Agree with everything here. Friedel wasn’t much of a national teamer to begin with unless he was handed the starting spot.

    Keller is a journeyman keeper: not as talented as Friedel but always willing to fly the world at a moments notice for his country.

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