Cesc Fabregas is on Fire, Literally (Video)

Cesc Fabregas stars in an unbelievable new ad where he is set alight but continues to juggle the ball and score a goal.

Nike is continuing to push the envelope with their creative football ads. This one is so intriguing to watch especially to see how the ball reacts to being on fire. Even with the stunt being handled in a controlled environment with experts on hand to ensure no one is harmed, you have to admit that Fabregas has a lot of balls to even try this.


6 thoughts on “Cesc Fabregas is on Fire, Literally (Video)”

  1. Nike pushes the envelope with new kits also, evidence the new US charcoal away shirts I’ll see at Wembley. Even worse than the stripped one I saw in Houston and the pinstipes last year in Tampa Yuck!

  2. Does this commercial have some sort of point? I found it to be rather inane. It’s certainly not in the same class as the “Take it to the next level” commercial.

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