41 thoughts on “New 08/09 Spurs Home Shirt: Leaked Photo”

  1. no way, i don’t belive that for a second! that’s a pikey two bob fake from some dodgy market stall!

  2. it could be real and it would be a design that fans could approve of after all the hassle that went out to the club for dareing to take millions of a sponsor that had a red logo

  3. it is not real…the new 1 is white with a lighter shade of blue on the sleeves

    baby blue is our 2nd strip
    and the 3rd is the same uefa cup kit the brown 1!

  4. Funny how people say it would look better in blue instead of black….it’s obviously a dark room and is most probably a navy anyway.

    But I can’t imagine Mansion dropping their red logo ‘M’ just for our sakes, especially considering they haven’t for the previous two kits. Looks good though.

  5. Could be. Maybe the club have listened to the fans about not having a red logo on the shirts. Also if you saw just the mansion logo, would you know who they were and what they did? I didn’t before they sponsored us.

  6. If this is the kit, it is horrible, it looks like someones has just got a white plain top and stuck the badge, the puma sign and the mansion sign on thier.

  7. its real. Red is gone to please the fans. White, simply white with navy. its what we wanted, what we want, and what we’re gonna get!!!

  8. “If this is the kit, it is horrible, it looks like someones has just got a white plain top and stuck the badge, the puma sign and the mansion sign on thier.”

    Firstly, it’s ‘there’.

    Secondly, what do you expect from a team called ‘The Lilywhites’?! Our traditional colour is white.

  9. sorry to upset u guys,
    but our ever first shirt, played before arsenal football club was even created (wahay) was im sorry to say…..

    red!!!! lmao.

    so to be hoenst, even tho i h8 gooner scum, that is part of our history and nothign to be ashamed of.

    i was sick to death of our plain white spurs shirt this year. a right stripe at 40 shits. dont care if you say im not a loyal fan or wot, but im not waisting my money even more this year. i can buy 20 plain white t’s from primark for this price and draw it on!!! bring back good old holsten pills and addidas!!!!!!!!

  10. garry your a fag ! tool worst shout!
    i no as i already have the home shirt as im good pals with one of our players i am not naming names but yeah…so good banter! not

  11. that kid is pathetic… try better nxt time m8 spurs pay millions of pounds for kit designs that is dog shite get a life

  12. I doubt this is real, we get this every year when a new kit is due and they are normally all wrong. Lets be honest, who cares is the Logo of Mansion has red on it. So did our badge at some points in time…. red loins anyone.

    Red is just a colour and to be honest I dont mind it too much.

    That kit looks cheap and if you look carefully you can see the tags arent connected to anything and would a kit that you cant buy until Auguest have a tag any way?

    Lets just wait and see what they come up with, Im hoping it looks more like the Tottenham back packs on the website. White with navy, but with a little yellow trim, lovely.

  13. It’s fake, if you save the image to ur computer and enlarge the image you can see its pixelated around the badge,puma logo and sponsor

  14. You’re right. I just zoomed in on it and its pixelated around the badge, puma logo and sponsor. It has to be faxe!

  15. I don’t like that shirt, its disgusting to think i’ll go into the shop and buy that, the last shirt was better than that one, they actually looked like Tottenham Hotspur FC, even Sir Alan Sugar won’t stand for this.

  16. Mansion would have entered into an extremely tight endorsement agreement with spurs that would have strictly stipulated that their name and ‘m’ logo would appear on every item of spurs clothing etc and as much as i would love to beleive in fan power, the simple fact is that they have invested millions into the club and they would not change the agreement with the club just to please fans who dislike the colour of their companies logo.
    The real shirts will have the same logos that we have seen before.
    Just going to have to wait till the 6th

  17. I seen the real thing i really like the brown version alot and if you don’t believe me ive seen woodgate in brown keano in all blue with chinese writing on it and ledders in our official home kit which is ok but i prefer the brown

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