Sven to be sacked

As I wrote previously, it looks like Manchester City are going to sack Sven-Goran Eriksson after just one season in charge. In that article, I outlined my reasoning for stating that this was a bad move.

Pat Doyle of The Guardian has his say on the matter, The Telegraph ponders the candidates to replace Sven, while The Independant earlier discussed the rumoured transfer list that Sven and Shinawatra were to discuss. The list apparently included names like Ronaldinho, fellow Brazilian Jo (CSKA Moscow) and Liverpool’s Peter Crouch.

What do you think of the move to dump Sven?

2 thoughts on “Sven to be sacked”

  1. Kartik pretty much sums it up. Compare Citeh today with Citeh last year. It’s a joke and a great shame that football clubs are seemingly run by people who know nowt about the game. Sven is a proven manager and must be given at least three years to make his mark.

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