Interview with Steven Wells

steven-wells.jpgThe Guardian’s Steven Wells never shies away from controversy. In fact, just as I was writing this article, my RSS feed to The Guardian popped up with a new column from Wells — the British writer who now lives in Philadelphia. The article argues that “In order to relieve the pressure on those in the closet, we should assume all footballers are gay.”

The reason I was writing this article in the first place was to make you aware of a podcast interview with Steven Wells by John Turnbull at The Global Game. If ever there was a podcast to complement the EPL Talk Podcast, The Global Game is it. Thoughtful, riveting, and a breath of fresh air.

Wells is an excellent interviewee. I’ve tried to get him on the EPL Talk Podcast previously to no avail. If you think he should be on a future episode of the show, feel free to convince him why by emailing him today.


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