Flamini Signs With AC Milan

According to The Independent, Arsenal midfielder Mathieu Flamini is Milan bound as of July 1.

Flamini will reportedly sign a five-year 20 million Euro contract with A.C. Milan. The Rossoneri see him as the eventual replacement to Gennaro “The Snarling Dog” Gattuso.

The contract was worth a million more per year than Juventus’ offer and much more than Arsenal was ready to pony up.

Wenger urged the midfielder to stay loyal to the Gunners, but given his treatment at the club before this season, Flamini was perhaps wise to look out for numero uno.

Flamini is a fine player,but not irreplaceable. Arsenal have an experienced hand in Gilberto as well as frisky youngsters like Diaby and Denilson itching for a chance.

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  1. i like your final comments. indeed he’s not irreplaceable…..better to keep someone who’s heart is with the team than a wantaway.

  2. This is because of Arsenal’s greedy policy and I am sure they will pay the consequence later in the next season.

  3. of course no one is irreplaceable but, the thing is if Arsenal can’t change their policy towards their players then there could be changes every year that would hinder Arsenal’s success.

  4. What greedy policy? Teams can offer him far more as he is a free agent, Arsenal’s wage structure is n’t tiny by the way. He’s had one good season and should n’t be on a fortune. He did it to Marseille and now us. He’ll do it again in the future. This is nothing to do with Arsenal’s “policy” but more to do with financial common sense. If he does n’t want to play for The Arsenal then good riddance. We’ll be a good team next year, and are watching beautiful football, why are some Arsenal fans so pessimistic and eager to run ourselves down?

  5. flamini was good for us this season but at the end of the day if we could replace henry we cant replace flamini? i dont see it as a problem at all. ide rather we have players who are 100 percent commited… 90 percent of the players who leave arsenal fail in other clubs so we will see how ling it will be till flamini is a nobody again

  6. some people believe anything, wenger has even said on arsenal.com a decision will be made with flamini next week.

    Why would he leave Arsenal where hes first choice to player in a weaker league known as Seire A for a club called AC Milan who wont be in next years champions league

  7. It just shows that Flamini is not a loyal player to the club. One great season and he thinks the club owes him a great deal. Imagine if Thierry Henry would have done the same after his intro to Highbury and his great first season? this just shows that he isn’t a loyal player and just for a few bucks he is off. With one great season u don’t expect the sky and the moon from your club. It’s just isn’t right.

    He is certainly replaceable and I have the utmost confidence in Dibay and Denilson to fill in the void. Diaby may just prove that he is certainly worthy of a central midfield position which is apparent and will best suit his style of play. To be honest flamini was a never loyal steward to the club since his arrival from Marseille.
    I hope we buy Martin Caseres or Raul Albiola as a centre back and Hatem ben arfa or pacy Yoann Gouffran as a left winger /midfielder to make a formidable team in terms of depth and breath in the squad with the intro of our own speedy Gozalez, Carlos vela back from his loan spell.
    Theo, Carlos,RvP, Ade, Nick, Hatem/Yoann, Hleb and Cesc, imagine what a lethal team up front it could be.. Killer Force!

    It isn’t gonn’a stop the Gunners from blazing..

  8. flamini is a good player but am glad he is leaving.it wud give arsene wenger the chance to go for barry and he would get to play more first team football with us than at liverpool or chelsea so he’ll go for arsenal.and who knows we could be getting an english captain and a better one for that matter

  9. wise choise! he is milan material, and who can blame the man for wanting a switch to one of the bigest clubs in the game, perhaps the biggest.. arsenal will still be amongst the “next biggest clubs” for years.

  10. The issue i suppose is they will lose him for free if this is indeed true. the italian media has been reporting this for months now. Gilberto has said he wants to leave.. Diaby as ive said before is a good player but has played out of position all year as a winger. Denilson seems more of a fabregas player than a flamini player. I think Song is a better option, performed well when he was on loan at Charlton, looks uncomfortable at times in his second position as CB but could feel the DM position well.

  11. Get real folks. Loyalty nowadays goes no further than money, success and ability dictate. Movement of players around Europe’s top clubs is now common place. Wenger is one of the few who hasn’t played the game extensively. To me, Flamini has had one really good season with Arsenal after several moderate to quite good ones. His “terrier” style has benefited from the Arsenal style and the skill of those around him who take a lot of pressure off. He’s still not actually that good a defensive covering midfield player. There’s every chance that this was his big season and he might well struggle in future, here or elsewhere. You can’t be surpised that he can’t believe his good fortune and is going with the money while his stock is high. He is definitely replaceable. Wenger probably figured all that out, didn’t see him as a definite long term solution, which is why I think he took a punt on Diarra, but thinking of him more for the latter part of this season and beyond. What he clearly didn’t reckon on was Flamini suddenly finding such a rich seam of form and Diarra being so impatient and obnoxiously gobby, which in turn probably convinced him it was best to be rid. Problem was he was then stymied when it came to Flamini, but I have the feeling he was never totally convinced by one season to the extent of being prepared to try particularly hard to keep him, having a clear long term view in his own mind of Flamini’s true worth as a player. I’d be surprised if he didn’t have a better replacement (or several) in mind.

  12. Flamini surprised us all this year TO A DEGREE THAT LAST YEAR i WOULD HAVE BEEN WORRIED IF i SAW HIM ON THE LINE UP. This year was his year and if he stayed maybe so to will next yaer as the team matured together. Unless someone can fill his boots with as much work rate we will miss him but what has Arsen got up his sleeve? Wer`nt we all shocked when he let Vierra go? Almost called him mad. I dont think Flamstar leaving was in any way a part of next years plans but he is not iriplacable but i do believe we are gonna have to cough up a few quid for a ready made player or two this season instead of waiting for one of our youngsters develope during the season. On another note with the money handed out these days loyalty goes out of the window but when you play all season win millions of supporters respect and admeration and then walk away from your team for more lolly then I`m afraid that is not the strong character good men are made of. They will not be remebered.

  13. i thought he was a legend – but replaceable. milanfans – you cant even beat the red scouse scum… …and good luck in the uefa cup next year loser!

  14. He’s a decent player but not great. A couple of bad games for Milan and he’d be in the reserves, he won’t get as much chance as he does at Arsenal, but then again, hardly anyone leaves Arsenal and becomes a better player!

  15. I’ve met Flamini. He’s a cock and likes to get pissed. Good riddance. He’s best friends with Hleb, so trust me – if Flam goes Hleb will follow.

    Doesn’t matter though; neither are world class.

  16. If Flamini goes it will be to Juventus – why would a guy who is used playing in the champs league sign for a team that didnt qualify?

  17. Flamini is the outstanding Mid-fielder along side with Fab. However, his leaving is not the end for Gunners. Remember we lost Thiery and Viera and we are still there. I hope he will not go to………………

  18. let’s wait till arsenal makes an official announcement before we debate it, and start critique on flamini…

    having said that, if flamini indeed signed for another team, it’d not be a disaster and more a nuisance

    he’s had ONE great season, in addition to being a good utility player in past years and esp in our run to CL final as a makeshift LB… credit where it’s due

    but, it’s not fair for flamini to expect a stellar rise at this time; he’s not proven and leveraging contract renewal to squeeze arsenal doesn’t seem the right thing to do… hope it’s the agent who’s advising

  19. Milan’s and Flam’s gain, arsenal’s lost. All the years of preparation and maturing at arsenal is lost – becos arsene refuse to pay top money for top quality.

  20. FFS get a grip.

    I remember at the beginning of this season we was supposed to fighting for 5th with the spuds… henry left and it was doom and gloom.

    Have any of you watched some of the reserve games i bet that is no… there is fantastic talent at arsenal. Let flammini go we cant complain he came for free and will leave on a free… no big deal we done it to sol campbell with tottenham i just wish the gooners saying things like “NOOOOO please dont do it” grow the fook up it makes us normal easy going fans look like cnuts!

    let anyone that want to go GO and dont look back just forward we are not the most successful side in LONDON because we are crap!

    Its because we have wenger.

  21. why believe the independent when they are the ones who said he signed with juventus last week?

    lets get some more sources to run the story, then we can talk.

  22. Just because it’s not on Arsenal.com doesn’t mean it’s not official. They don’t have to release information like this immediately and I doubt they’d want to. I have heard that the AC deal for Flamini is done as is the Inter deal for Hleb (from someone heavily involved with Arsenal).
    Flamini has had a very good season but let’s be honest, he isn’t a world class player and he never will be. It’s a shame because whether a new DM comes in or Denilson is picked for that spot a new midfield partnership will have to develop, once again taking time. Fabregas and Flamini worked well. Denilson showed signs of promise against Derby tonight though…still it would have been nice to have Diarra around. Considering the outcome we might have been better off if he’d started more games ahead of Flamini.

    I’m not too concerned about Hleb leaving either. He is very talented but what he provides isn’t nearly as useful without a poacher like Eduardo available. My only worry is that a loss of a right winger will make Wenger consider keeping Eboue for that position. He has been AWFUL there this season. I’m not saying there’s no chance he’ll improve, I just doubt it.

    If it’s true that Flamini and Hleb are both off I believe we need 6 players coming in. Vela is one but also a keeper, a centre-back, a winger, a DM and either a striker or another winger. I just don’t see this happening which worries me because then the squad will be EVEN THINNER than it was this season…

  23. if he was good last season, we would have signed him on a new contract he only started this season and definetly there would be replacements…infact he did well this season but gilberto is not bad he only suffered mentally cuz we gave the arms band to frenchy loser….the important thing is we cant afford to be fourth and third without silverwares..we need them and that is one of the reasons to keep a squad..u cant keep squad by selling better ones every season and not buying better replacements…Wenger we adore u but it seems you are losing it. get benzema, diarra was a mistake but go shopping we dont want potential and unknown we want experience and class..common gunners

  24. He won’t be half the player he is at the Arse. Wenger makes players better than they actually are. Look at all the players who were great at the Arse but half the players they were when they left. Cashley cole, Anelka, Henry, Viera, etc. I’m not an Arse fan, but Wenger is a great manager who makes players play their best.

  25. i’m quite looking forward to song making the dm position his own.

    flamini – conceded the free kick against birmingham, didn’t clean up against liverpool, he’s definitely not as good as the money he’s asking.

  26. When a player refuse to sign a new deal for so long, it’s not likely that he’ll stay. Wenger wasn’t born yesterday. I’m sure he has already had someone in mind to replace Flamini.

    There are players who can create like Hleb but on top of that scores as well. So, whats the whole worry thingy?

    Players come and go… and the club moves on. So, fans should move on as well and look at the big picture.

  27. Thank you for that articulate comment milanfans. Illiterate italians aside, it’s a shame to see Flamini leave (assuming this is true). He gave teeth to the Arsenal midfield that complimented his teammates technical prowess. When Flamini was not playing (FA Cup v. Man Utd for example) I felt like the Gunners were looking like pushovers. As one commentator noted, if Arsenal can thrive without Henry, it can thrive without Flamini. Aggressive, tireless midfielders are not so hard to come by and Wenger has an eye for talent. Too bad with AC Milan sitting in 5th place there is no chance for a little CL rematch between Arsenal and Milan.

  28. the fact is the entire european football goes in bad way. the players are overpaid, there is a huge financial imbalance among the clubs, there is no competition, always the same clubs win the trophies. arsenal are the only one big club fighting against these things. i don’t care they don’t win trophies, because arsenal have style, a team which can be loved . wenger is right, arsenal’s policy is the future, to develop players. ironically, arsenal’ s policy is criticized lot. but i think it thanks to the lack of english players. arsenal should develop several english/british players who loyal to the club. it is the only negative thing related to arsenal.
    flamini can go wherever he wants if he doesn’t know what he thanks to arsenal.

  29. Going through all the comment made by both Arsenal fans and AC Milan fans, this is what I choose to say; No bodybody is wiser’You know? Football is not what anybody can predict, it’s like a swing, it carries you up as the swing goes up and down as the swing goes down. The ability to swing-up when you are down depend on how you treat those who swing you up from down. Though some will say, ” what the hell? It doesn’t matter. Well one thing I ‘ve learnt, is that , ”it matters. Thoes who go for greener pasture in stead of making one, end up frustrated. An example is the likes of Ziden who made green pasture for himself, today you can’t talk of football without talking of him, or Gatuso who stayed to make AC Milan what it is today.
    Hither-to people have been saying that money is the reason why Flamini signed up with Milan. But if you ask Flamini about his decision today and how it affected his life? Am sure he would like to turn back the hand of the clock because of lack of fulfillment and would ‘ve been.
    every great footballer must make a green pasture for himself and not look for a made one.
    ”beware of mediocrty” for its a bad disease

  30. He was a good player, but Y think that Denilson can replace him or Abou Diaby they are realy good players, and Gilbero will bee a good in that place!
    Arsene Wenger is looking for Rothen, and he will bee godd there!!!

  31. Flamini is a young player with skill and a very well deserved telante he chose as a club …. ac milan in milan he will be more developed and become a great player …..

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